Equitable Life Compensation Payments

Notice about compensation payments from the Equitable Life Payment Scheme to eligible members of the GMG Lifestyle Plan

The Equitable Life Payment Scheme was set up by HM Government to make payments to Equitable Life policyholders who suffered financial losses as a result of Government maladministration which occurred in the regulation of Equitable Life.

The Trustees of the GMG Lifestyle Plan have written to all members and ex-members who are eligible for a payment from the Scheme, notifying them that they will soon be contacted by and receive a payment from the Payment Scheme. Some of the contact information that is held by the Trustees may be out of date or missing, so not everybody will have received the letter.

If an eligible member has died, payment will, in most cases, be made to the estate of the deceased. The Trustees have not written to the estates of deceased members because the Trustees do not have the contact details for the executors and administrators of the estates.

Neither the Trustees of the GMG Lifestyle Plan nor the Equitable Life Payment Scheme will be writing to members who are not eligible for a payment.

Information about the Equitable Life Payment Scheme including the eligibility criteria can be found at http://equitablelifepaymentscheme.independent.gov.uk

Payments will be made from the Payment Scheme directly to eligible members (or their estate). The Trustees do not know the values of the payments and cannot answer questions about the amounts of individual payments prior to the payments being made.

If you haven't received a letter from the Trustees and you want to check whether or not you are eligible for a payment, then you can contact the GMG pensions department on 020 3353 2000 or via e-mail at pensions@gmgplc.co.uk

If you have any questions about the Payment Scheme, then you should either visit http://equitablelifepaymentscheme.independent.gov.uk or contact the Equitable Life Payment Scheme on 0300 0200 150 or 44 (0)141 232 1377 (overseas calls)

The Trustees of the GMG Lifestyle Plan

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